Fibreglass Door Canopies UK

front door canopy
A Fibreglass Door Canopy is best described as an overdoor cover for almost any property entrance, which keeps visitors from bad weather when they

appear at the frontdoor of the property. Lights can also be placed internally to illuminate the entrance way. Door canopies are developed from GRP (Glass Re-inforced Plastic) fibreglass. They are hard wearing, tough and weatherproof.

GRP Canopies come in a large variety of designs, from modern curves and plane surfaces to a more traditional sloped and slate effect in the design. Fibreglass canopies require virtually no maintenance, are hardy, strong and not damaged by water,snow and ice. Except for a simple clean with soap and water, they are an really good choice for the home. As a stylish all weather canopy they can be made to measure and to fit almost any building, be it home or business, across a front door or back door.

door canopy uk
In my opinion, the best fibreglass door canopy manufacturer in the UK is Templetown Canopies Ltd, who have a long tradition of supplying GRP door and porch canopies across the UK.

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